Monday, April 11, 2011


Good morning to you fine people.  

    I have been unable as of late to spend a lot of time on my research.  School has "kicked it up a notch" and I find myself writing paper after paper without much of breathing room.  I think I will take my summer break to work on my research as well as putting all my findings in Rhode Island together to make sense of them, so that I may share them with you here.    

I am still contemplating to go back to Rhode Island (including Connecticut) to spend more time in their town halls, churches and libraries, but my History Professor advised me that Rhode Island is miserable during the summer months.  We shall see.   This will be my plan for the summer though:   MY RESEARCH.

Please bear with me and I shall pick up where I left off by mid May 2011.     (I will also address your questions then, perhaps that shall be my first post...  keep sending me your questions  use this e-mail: ...      Until then... lots of Hugs and stuff ;-)