Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hello to you fine people...

       Finally... the time has come... that itch... that oh so wonderful itch.  What do you do with that itch?  You scratch it.. how? easy.. a trip to the attic, pulling out the ole suitcases and ...

...and so it begins...

You and I will go on a huge adventure again.  Go ahead, go to your attic... grab that suitcase..  dust off your passport...  Are you ready????

         This summer, we will be in it for quite the treat.  First things first...  Most of you know him and those of you who know my other blog are also familiar with my most bestest male friend in the entire world, Kay.  I took you all with me to his surprise birthday party in Berlin a few years ago:-)   This time, we are witnessing a fantastic union...  The marriage of two beautiful and wonderful people... Kay and Diana.  June 1st, we shall be there for them and with them.. cheering them on to an awesome life together as husband and wife ;-).    A shout-out:  " I am soooooooooo proud of you two and soooooo happy for you.  I love you.  See you soon, whoo hoo!!!!"

         Once we get rid of our hang-over, June 7th (don't judge me!!!), we will make our way to Singapore.  You all remember Andre, yes?  Good, he is our travel partner once again.  This time, we don't just travel for an adventure (and perhaps we don't have to surrender our passports this time around), but for an awesome opportunity.  Its main purpose shall remain a secret for a little while longer, but be assured, we will learn a lot on this trip ;-)  Where are we going this time?

We will take a trip to Kathmandu, Nepal...  yes, we are talking Himalaya mountains...

About M.A.D. and MongoliaWe will also go to Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator), Mongolia.. yes, we are talking Gobi Desert... not to worry, Andre should get us through, he should recall some of his Russian ;-)


What say you to Seoul, South Korea?  Here, Julia will join us as she is crazy about South Korea (well, more specifically the food and a k-pop group "B.A.P."... teenagers... what to say???)  She will also be able to put into practice her Korean language knowledge, or else we might go hungry ;-)

And what do you think about the land down-under??  Yes, we are talking about Australia... Sydney and Melbourne... how about it?  Are you all on board?    

And, as we are not too far, how about a trip over to New Zealand?
Awesome water, awesome views... awesome everything...  We will remain at each place about a week and then return to Singapore for the remainder of summer break.

           So, what say you?  Are you ready?????  Good, 'cause I am.  Make sure to follow me on twitter as I am giving that a shot for this trip.. my twitter name is LianeLew .   I hope I can handle the ole twitter thing.  Depending on internet availability, I should be able to blog every day and share what I see and experience with you fine people.  So what say you... are you coming???  Be ready, we are leaving May 28th!!!

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