Saturday, October 23, 2010

Digging Up Roots

I promised Lewis that I would use his suggestion of a blog-name for my first blog as i didn't feel naming my blog "Digging Up Roots".    So finally, I've made it... after sticking my toes into the cold water, the current grabbed me and pulled me in.  My office could be mistaken as a stalker type person's living space and the sticky notes only amplify a thought of craziness.  But I would like to think that there is order to my madness.  When I packed up my suitcase filled with pencils and paper, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I wonder, if anyone knew exactly of what's coming when hopping onto the train to the past.  I thought, besides it being interesting, it has to be quite easy.  Oh silly me !!!  I should have performed a hair-count as I am sure, there is a lot less of it on my head now. 

It is amazing what you get to see on this journey though.  As frustrating as it can be, it is just as rewarding.  For me, anyways.  As you, or most of you, know, I started this trip really to find more information about the person who called himself "father" in regards to me.  I know very little of him, and actually, as it turned out, with what I know, it can be classified as "I don't know anything at all".  So my own bloodline remains at 7 people.  Lewis, on the other hand has a huge family.  His family took me on a trip through American History.  I found myself studying the Revolutionary War as well as the Civil War along the way.  I am taking on the Lewis Family (I giggle every time I say it...  if Lewis'  surname still would be Lewis, he'd be Lewis Lewis...  no, you didn't get a giggle out of that? ) 

The Lewis-surname is from Lewis'  mom's maternal ancestral lineage.  Yes, I even learned the difference between an ancestor and a relative. 

The year is 1634 A.D., Lynn, Massachusetts...


  1. You should have included a picture of the office :-)

  2. Looking forward to the journey ...

  3. you have no idea how much I love this.....

  4. ha ha, Lewis.. i can't show them that place.. it might only confirm what they all think of

    Anonymous... thanks for joining me on this journey.. i sure hope you'll enjoy it :-)

    Sir Thomas... how wonderful to have you on this site and journey as well... are you ready for the ride? ;-)

  5. Hey there... it is all so you, like a pit bull grabbing something betwixt its teeth, neither you nor it will let go once you find something to pique that insatiable curiosity of yours. This is so cool, and I know the feeling, as once I was drawn in by what I thought was the puddle of geneaology, and wow, didn't it turn out to be an ocean... I love how you love this, and I too, look forward to more reports from the past... Thanks for taking us along...

  6. Cool!!! I have a cousin that has done this for our family...goes back quite a ways, and is interesting to read what she's learned about 'us' :)
    (popped over from FB) Terry

  7. Tom.... soooo nice of you to come on here too ;-) yes, i will be writing all of my findings and the how i did it and where to look for stuff etc... thanks for joining me once again ;-)

    Terry.. whoo hoo... great to see you over here.. let's walk then ;-)

  8. Its interesting you mention finding out about your father, mine left when I was 1 so my family tree is only growing on 1 side, the other side is all dead (lol). I love to read what you write and am amazed of the wonderful, insightful things that come out of that pretty head of yours. Hugs forever, your friend.

  9. Laine, I am so excited to get home and read this wonderful blog. Thank you for writing it; I will always remain a true follower.


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