Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Edmund Lewis of Massachussetts ?

Due to the copy rights I have to be a little innovative in regards to sharing my findings.  For now, I will have to create a new post for individual documents.  However, I will only be able to share snippets of the images and thus, I will only cut out information from an entire book page or document that directly mentions the surname Lewis (or Lewes)  (that's of main interest anyway).  I will treat this in a way as an educational sharing (somewhat like google books where the authors only allow a certain percentage to be available).     I figure this is better than nothing.     So the following segment is especially for Michael Lewis who is patiently waiting for this.  I hope it provides some help to you, Michael, and, of course, to all others researching the Edmund/Edmond Lewis/Lewes lineage.   As always, if you copy any information from my site, please cite my page  as your source and please do not post my shared images on any other  public nor private website, i.e., find a, family etc. 

*Acts of the Privy Council:July 1619 to June 1621; (London: Published by Majesty's Stationary Office 1930)(Cals Refers to PC2), Pp 212,213;  held by the National Archives, Richmond, London

For those who are interested in my John Lewis (of Westerly, R.I)... I am in the process of working with the Archive in Wales.  As soon as I know something worth sharing, I will do so ;-)  Until then, I will continue publishing what I found in England thus far in the way I described above.  

I hope this little piece of information shown will help someone in some ways.  If so, let me know how helpful it was ;-)  I love to hear from you all.      

Have a fantastic day... until tomorrow or so with the next post !!!!


  1. :) so you're having some success it appears :)

  2. Something told me, a little bird perhaps, that you had popped back in... I so love to catch up with your journeys - the ones through the miles and the ones of the mind and with your research... thank you for sharing, thank you for being... Until we catch up again, yes? :)

  3. Thanks for this effort, Liane.

    While this is an interesting snippet, it does not bear on the origin of Edmond Lewes of Lynn. The surname and forename Lewis was well known in Glamorgan and Wales in the 1600s. That, in itself, is not evidence of Edmond's Welsh origin.

    Perhaps you have something more that will buid on this base!


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