Wednesday, March 16, 2011

16 March 2011, Westerly, Rhode Island

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  Today was a good day.  Weather-wise, not so much as it was raining until the early afternoon; but in regards to research it was a very nice day.  Thanks to my Lewis, all I have to do when we get to the car, is hit the button on the ole Garmin, find a destination within the "favorites-tab" and off we go.  Our destination for today is the Westerly Public Library.  On our way, we passed the Riverbend Cemetery (which we will see tomorrow) and the Company building located right next to the Lewis Cemetery (we will see that tomorrow as well)(I have spoken of this cemetery in my post for John Lewis of Westerly).  And then we entered this cute little area, full of cute little shops and restaurants.  The Family houses are quite pretty, reminding of Colonial times.

At the Westerly Public Library we met the Librarian Nina Wright, who was ever so helpful, providing quite the old documents of the purchase of Westerly, town meetings, records of the English having to deal with the local Indians and much more.  She also provided us with some genealogical books, especially a collection of five volumes by Michael Cook "Pioneer Lewis Families".  Michael Cook set out to find his own lineage of Stephen Lewis, however, he was not successful in doing so.  Instead, for ten years, he created a collection of many Lewis Families often using as his reference the infamous Lewisiana, or Lewis Letters , as they were often referred to (I have mentioned those in previous posts as my own reference).   With this in mind, we also know to take on his collection carefully and understand that it could have mistakes in its reports.  I have ordered those books at my local library a while back, but unfortunately, only few copies exist and those libraries lucky enough to have his volumes in their possession are not willing at all to lend those to other libraries.   I was soooo happy to finally see those books.

Mrs. Wright allowed me to scan the documents where one can read about the "Misquamicut Purchase", the purchase of land which is now known as Westerly.  Although, this document is not the original (I am sorry, Professor Tadros, I tried !!!), it is only a copy.  Mrs. Wright believes that they no longer have an original.  Either it burned in a fire, or it was perhaps stolen by those who looked for some verification that they are of Indian decent, for what purpose I am a bit unclear, but Mrs. Wright  mentioned the nearby Casino in Connecticut as a reason for the need of verification to their Indian heritage; Mrs. Wright could not say for sure though.  For now, I shall be happy with the "Copy", and happy I am. (even though I was still not able to make that darn "Caleb-John" Connection...GRRRR)

At about 5:30 p.m. we left the Library to find a restaurant to get something to eat.  We walked to the Pawkatuck River and saw the restaurant suggested by Mrs. Wright "Prime Time Cafe".  This Restaurant is actually in Connecticut; we had one foot in Rhode Island and the other in Connecticut... I thought that was pretty cool.  The food and the service were excellent.  I even learned something new, and at first I thought he was making fun of me; he was telling us that there is a Rhode Island Clam Chowder, as I wondered which one was New England Clam chowder, the white one or the red one.  Later, a lady came in and was saying that we should not leave Rhode Island without having had a Rhode Island Clam Chowder, which this Restaurant did not serve.  We shall not leave this State without having had "Rhode Island Clam Chowder".  

Tomorrow, we meet with Pastor Stall once more.  Weather is supposed to be in the high 50's and sunny... See you all tomorrow ;-)


  1. I love the old New England quaint! Wish you luck today in your quest.


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