Saturday, March 19, 2011

Back in "Hotlanta"

Watch Hill, Westerly, Rhode Island

        We left Rhode Island early this morning.  It was somewhat sad to drive by the places that have become meaningful.  Last stop in Hopkinton to put a little more gasoline in the car, just in case.  I got my last little giggle out of that "quaint" little town.  On the sign for the gasoline, it gave two prices per gallon.  One indicating the total cost of the gallon when paying with cash, and the other showing a different total per gallon should you want to pay with your credit card.  Well, I thought that was a bit strange and funny at the same time, yet still making sense. 

Arrival in Hotlanta (as it was 88F at the airport !!!) made one wish to get back to Westerly where it was so much less crazy.  Such hectic !!   Westerly was so very calm, so very different, so very ... well.. just something else.  Not just the landscape, which reminded exactly of how Alan Taylor described it in his book American Colonies: Settling of North America.  I walk away from Rhode Island not quite with the knowledge I had hoped to gain as I could not see all I wanted to see, talk to all the people I wanted to see;  and those i did talk to, I could not ask all I wanted to ask.  I am contemplating of returning to get my answers.  I can't just leave those questions unanswered.  There is more history to be uncovered, more religious views to consider, more to explore.  

Although it was sad to leave this calm and very old place, where the people were just wonderful and where one felt as if stepped into the past,   I am happy to be back home... for now.   While I was in Westerly, the hotel internet connection did not allow access to my facebook and I could only post my blog updates as a blogger function with facebook.  I saw just now how many messages await me, but I shall answer all of those and those in my e-mail tomorrow.  

Be a little patient with me over the next couple of days as I will sort out my paperwork and pictures and then share them with you fine people. 

To all those of you whom I've met in Westerly, Hopkinton, Exeter, Connecticut and have become readers of my silly little journey:  I thank you all so very much (just once more) for all the wonderful time, for your kindness, for the gifts and for the laughs.  I cherish all of you wonderful people.  

And to you fine people who have been my readers of this blog for some time now, I thank you for joining me on this crazy trip, for giving me your feedback, and for asking me questions, which I will get to once I read all of my e-mail and facebook messages.  

Tons of hugs and stuff from me to you !!!


  1. I am glad, very glad that you have made it home safely. Thank you for all your travels, your pictures, your curiosity, your questions, your willingness to ask and answer, or search for answers to some very difficult questions. 88 degrees is just sick by the way... but a lot of that warmth was just your presence. Huge hugs back to you, glad that all is well.

  2. Liane I cannot even descibe would you do for me, and when I read what you have wrote and done....

    wish i had been the lucky one...


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