Sunday, January 6, 2013

Good morning to you fine people.  I have to backtrack my travels now as it was rather difficult to keep up while traveling the past few days.  Internet is often available, but the quality isn't always the greatest.   It doesn't make it easier that we are traveling by car.  We rented a car to make our way up to Chiang Mai.  First things first....  Our handy dandy Navigation System.  Let me introduce you to "Schneckchen".   She keeps hanging in there despite the rough rides at times.  
 Little Side stop in Kanchanaburi where we will see the Bridge of the River Kwai (as known to many from the infamous screen play "The bridge on the River Kwai") 

After this side trip, we are off to Chiang Mai...  a trading city that has seen quite the action for its time.  For the story you have to stay tuned as we are about to head out from our current location to our next.  Next post will not only show Chiang Mai, but also our exciting and a bit scary cross over to Myanmar...   Until then... hugs, kisses and all that stuff as usual ;-)

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  1. Beautiful pics...I'm familiar with the bridge over the river Kwai...from the movie anyway...


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