Thursday, June 27, 2013

Australia 2013

Hello to you fine people,

       finally, I get to write the ole blog with the use of pictures :-)   I had quite the rough time dealing with the upload issue, but I shall not bore you with my silly blogger-experience.  I will split up my post into multiple posts.  Since it has been about 2 weeks since last I wrote, I will do less writing and more picture sharing.    Andre and I left for Sydney, Australia where we had a long lay-over before continuing to Auckland, New Zealand.  Originally, it was planned to stay some time in Sydney, but plans changed.  i have to say, from what I saw (which wasn't much), I am not too impressed with Sydney.  It reminded of the out-of-date down-towns of the US.  Let me show you: 

 Andre mingled with the locals ;-)

On a little boats-tour to the outskirts of Sydney....  

 The typical touristy-picture scene

        It was a great day in Sydney, even though it was rather cold (not that you could tell from our two friends above).  Food was rather pricy, although we will later learn that Australian prices are not so outrages in comparison.  All in all, it was a wonderful day in Sydney.   Time to step back into the train and head back to the airport (note destination on train below ;-)  )  We got out earlier than that ;-)

Next stop: Auckland, New Zealand


  1. Very, very nice... so much to see, so much distance covered, you have gone so far... we might never get you back... Such a journey, the discoveries, 'tis true that it is all about the journey, yes? Especially when the destination does not matter... Wow, what a trip!

    1. My dearest Tom.. how wonderful to still have you by my side on my travels and in my thoughts. I have to say, would be quite easy to just keep going... to not look back... however... well, I don't have to tell you about the "however" ;-) Stay with me!!!


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